Ohio Tennis Coaches Association

2015 State Team Finals

On October 18, 2015, the OTCA held is State Team Championships at Reynoldsburg High School.  The weather was great, the competition was awesome and the sportsmanship demonstrated by all player, coaches and fans was outstanding.  Below are the results ad final standings from today’s event:


Division 1


Dublin Jerome def North Canton Hoover 3-0

Cin. Sycamore def Toledo Notre Dame 3-0


Dublin Jerome def Cin. Sycamore 3-0

3rd/4th Playoff

North Canton Hoover def Toledo Notre Dame 3-0


Division 2


Hathaway Brown def Columbus Academy 3-0

Indian Hill def Lexington 3-1


Hathaway Brown def Indian Hill 3-0

3rd /4th Playoff

Columbus Academy def Lexington 3-0


Final Standings

Division 1                                                      Division 2

Dublin Jerome (State Champs)                 Hathaway Brown (State Champs)

Sycamore (2nd)                                                      Indian Hill (2nd)

Hoover (3rd)                                                  Columbus Academy (3rd)

Notre Dame (4th)                                         Lexington (4th)